Lisa Tapp

"So much to do, so little time." That's how I feel about the many choices of lifetime careers. Writing provides the perfect answer. Through research and the creative process of writing, I get to know and experience the paths not chosen.

I've lived all of my life in Louisville, Kentucky, a great place with a lot of potential. People in the South call us Northern. People in the North call us Southern. People in the West call us Eastern. And People in the East... well, it's a stretch to call us Western. But you see, we can be just about anything we want.

Which is probably why I like writing.

I was always jealous of those people who knew, like in the fourth grade, that they were going to be a teacher or a doctor or whatever. For me, there were too many interesting choices. There was paleontology, (Okay, who among you didn't want to be a paleontologist at some point?), archeology (Pyramids anyone?), geology (Who has ever seen a geode and not been fascinated?), oceanography (Starfish, and coral, and sharks, oh my!). You can see my dilemma.

Writing is the answer. I get to explore all these professions as I immerse myself in a story. And best of all, I get to experience all the fun without any of the tedious, day-to-day reality.

What better job could there be?